Things You Need to Know Before Investing in UV Rays Protection Garments

Even as you ensure that your clothing is fashionable, you would also need to make sure that they protect you from UV rays. You may need to make sure that you merge fashion with protecting your skin from cancer or even damage. You may need to safeguard your skin from UV rays related problems by taking time whenever you have to invest in clothing. When buying UV rays protection garments, you would also need to note that each clothing tends to come with the level of UV rays it tends to allow through. In a case where a garment is UPF 50 plus, it tends to protect you from about 98% of sub rays and hence very effective.

A fabric with UPF above 30 tends to be quite good while clothing with UPF above 50+ tends to be excellent. There are some fabric companies that tend to make clothing with UV penetration in mind. It would be essential for one to also note that when the skin is exposed to the sun for long, it tends to redden. In a case where one’s skin reddens with about 15 minutes in sun’s exposure, it is recommended that he or she uses sunscreen of SPF 15.

One of the aspects that reduce UV rays penetration include the color of the fabric. However, you may need to know some of the aspects to consider when shopping for clothing and at the same time protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. To know more, check out:

The color of the clothing you buy tends to play a critical role in controlling UV rays. While darker shades tend to absorb, lighter shades tend to reflect most of the lights. You may need to also know that color may not be the only determinant of the UV rays penetration.

Construction tend to be yet another aspect that determines the UV rays penetration towards the skin. Denser clothing such as canvas, denim, and synthetic fiber tends to be more protective when compared to thin and loosely woven cloth.

It is also essential to note that the composition of the fabric is critical to determining UV rays through to your skin. Clothes made of unbleached cotton tends to come with natural lignins which tend to act as UV absorbers.

Loose fitting tends to be better than tight-fitting when it comes to buying of UV clothing. There are some clothing which tends to come with UPF labels indicating the amount of sun rays the garment in question can shield. You would also need to make sure that you cover as much skin as possible in a case where you are protecting your skin from UV clothing.

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